Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful technology, also called yoga of consciousness or crystallization. It is a practice which aims at re-establishing the union of the individual consciousness and the universal consciousness. “Yoga” means union.

The range of techniques used is very comprehensive – we use physical postures (asanas), meditations, breathing exercises (pranayama), mantras (sacred chants) and mudras (hand postures). The teachings of KY are very practical and effective and often lead to a healthier, more peaceful, conscious and connected life fairly quickly.

You can try this both dynamic and relaxing Yoga style in our weekly class on Tuesday evening from 18h30 à 20h, 8€ per session. The class is hybrid, so both in person and online.

Kundalini Yoga class Tuesday evening 18h30 – 20h à Barret-sur-Méouge, near Sisteron.

To find out more and sign up: satnaam (@) 3ho-lafontaine.fr

To find out more about Kundalini Yoga please go to the website of the French Federation: www.ffky.fr