Seva and Support

La Fontaine is a place for the sangat, the community, and we always need a helping hand ! Help can be done in several ways, for example by doing Seva, volunteering. Seva litterally means “selfless service”. By working for the good of all, you can contribute in valueable ways to the sangat, and at the same time brun some karma and connect to your soul on a deeper level.

Working together in beautiful surroundings, sharing healthy meals, taking part and sharing of Sadhanas and weekly yoga classes and other activities, such as Kirtan nights or Gong relaxation – all of this will be part of your experience.

Our seva program is based on five days of work per week, five hours per day. Main areas of work are gardening, general house maintenance, cooking, preparing the place for events, and keeping things nice and clean. On your days off you can explore the beautiful region around La Fontaine, such as the Valley of the Méouge, Laragne, Sisteron, the nearby Drôme département, walk in the forests – or just rest.

The minimum recommended duration is 40 days since that is the time it takes to change a habit. However, we are flexible, so please talk to us if you have special requests.
For more information and to apply, please contact us by email.