We are currently in the midst of a reorganization because it is a period of change and transition for La Fontaine.

If there are sevadars who cook when you are here (not guaranteed), it will be possible to have breakfast for 5 €, lunch for 12 €, dinner for 12 €.

The new prices are (meals not included):

tent / camping car / van 12 €
teepee (matress and bed sheets provided) 15 €
caravan (matress and bed sheets provided) 18 €
kitchen use 5 €
use of solar stoves gratuit
membership of 3HO La Fontaine3 €

Other rates:

Use of washing machine   5 €
Seva100 € for the first 2 weeks, after that accommodation / meals in exchange for work
Shuttle Laragne5 €
Shuttle Sisteron10 €

For accommodation in a teepee or caravan, a reservation by e-mail is necessary.
If you are able and willing to pay more, don’t hesitate! This will help La Fontaine finance the further development of the place. Children under 12 are free of charge.
Whatever formula you choose, know that you are welcome!

If we elevate ourselves for tomorrow, we make ourselves precious, we help others, we serve others, we open people’s minds and hearts, share their dreams, and serve them in one way or another, according to our abilities – it will be very pleasant for everyone’s soul.

Yogi Bhajan