Viva Bhakti

Festival of devotion in arts. Two days of music, concerts, dance and meditation in divers traditions.


Aquarian Sadhana from 5h to 7h30 (Kundalini Yoga)
6h30/7h30Mantras Sadhana with Naam Kriya Singh
10h30/12hYamuna Aqua
12h/14hLunch break
14h/15h30Marine : Dance of Peace
15h30/16hGong relaxation with Elvira
18h/20hDiner break
20h/22hNaren & Sarada
Aquarian Sadhana from 5h to 7h30 (Kundalini Yoga)
6h30/7h30Mantras Sadhana with Har Yogi Band
10h30/12hHar Yogi Band
12h/14hLunch break
14h/15h30Claire & Engelbert : Dervish dance
15h30/16hGong relaxation with Elvira
16h30/18hMahadev ok
18h/20hDiner break
20h/22hClaude Brame
Aquarian Sadhana from 5h to 7h30 (Kundalini Yoga)
6h30/7h30Mantras Sadhana avec Mahadev ok
10h30/12h Sanpreet Kaur & Naam Kriya Singh
12h/14hLunch break
14h/15h30Zoé & Engelbert : Intuitive dance
15h30/16hGong relaxation with Elvira
16h30/18hPuja & Ramanaji
18h/20hDiner break
20h/22hFabian Desbois

Les artistes

Claude Brame

The chanting of Mantras is an excellent vehicle that takes us where we sometimes don’t expect, they will be offered in Sanskrit, Gurmukhi, Tibetan, Hebrew, Arabic, Amerindian, French etc. The Belzams being the name of each person who participates in the co-creation of the enchanted circle. The melodies are essentially creations of Claude. Musician since 1979 in the rock environment, he met the Tibetans in 1991 who opened his inner space, followed by another important meeting in 2004 with Myriam, Spiritual Teacher making him touch the importance of the Body and its opening to the Divine until the deepest of the Matter. The Way is open and since then on the enchanted roads, sharing is honored. He is also the godfather of this Viva Vhakti Festival.

His website :

Naren & Sarada

Naren & Sarada’s music is imbued with a deep love for Eastern mysticism. Beyond their intention to spread love and joy through music, both live in an ashram near Paris where they give service, study Vedanta philosophy, practice yoga and meditation. All this influences their lives and their music.

Sanpreet Kaur & Naam Kriya Singh

Sanpreet Kaur and Naam Kriya Singh are both teachers of
Kundalini Yoga. Their voices and instruments, harmonium and guitar,
will intertwine in gentle harmonic melodies to accompany you
meditative mantras from the Kundalini Yoga tradition.

Har Yogi Band The joy of the inner journey, guided by music and mantras.

Formed in 2013 on the benches of the Kundalini Yoga teacher training, the duo Har Yogi brings to life transcendental and intuitive music, based on mantras chanted to the rhythm of percussion and Ukulele melodies.
Har Yogi’s music is driven by a deep understanding of the Naad, reinforced by the practice of Kundalini Yoga, and calls for joy and compassion.
The energy of the duo, simple and sincere, is communicative and can be felt at every moment.

Engelbert and Zoë – Mystic Singing Circle

When we sing, we are all expressing ourselves at the same time, in Unity. We invite the words and sounds that have resonated on earth for thousands of years. This heals and strengthens our connection to ourselves, to each other and to the mystical space beyond.

Engelbert has hosted over a thousand chanting circles and has created many beautiful and powerful mantras. His way of guiding the circle is unique, bringing devotion, gentleness, joy, and improvisation to all voices. To discover:

Zoé is an intuitive singer in the service of the light on Earth. She is a channel to transmute emotions through voice and connect to our heart. In the circle she is a support and a help bringing love and kindness. Discover on social networks and YouTube: Zoé Leduc Love and Consciousness

Yamuna Aqua

Yamuna Aqua a nomadic music project from South America, are Paola & Giuliana, two twin sisters of Italian origin who grew up in Colombia, where they participated in various ceremonies from an early age. They travel the ‘Camino Rojo’, they have done and supported various vision quests. They are channels of healing and sacred songs
They will sing medicine songs from all over the world, especially from South America.

Dance of Peace with Marine & Engelbert

These very simple and healing dances are practiced all over the world. They bring peace and the joy of vibrating together. They allow us to celebrate, to thank the Source of love present in each manifestation of life, to connect with the light in each one of us!

Intuitive dance with Zoé Leduc & Engelbert

Zoé is a professional contemporary dancer and Self-Connection coach. She deeply loves Nature, Art and the understanding of our Consciousness.
For Viva Bakti, she proposes a 30 minute dance channeling, a performance in the service of light and beauty on Earth. Then, she will take us to an intuitive dance all together, listening to our deepest being, in joy and well-being. It is a caring space where everyone can unfold in all their authenticity without any necessary prerequisites, welcome to all!
To discover : Zoé Leduc Love and Consciousness on social networks and YouTube. Engelbert accompanies Zoé with his unique and mystical music. He plays the santur, the handpan and percussions.

Dervich dance with Claire & Engelbert

Claire is a mind-body therapist. She became passionate about the whirling dervish dance while studying in Turkey with several Sufi masters. She teaches in the high alps the Saami dance where each dancer symbolizes a planet of the solar system. This practice is accessible to all, and provides balance, mental appeasement and immense joy.

Fabian Desbois

Fabian takes us on a journey with sacred chants and mantras from around the world. Compositions, standards, impros, souls and voices unite to form a single heart. Fabian invites us to taste with subtlety the sweetness of the moment and the power of unity!

Gong relaxation with Elvira

Elvira has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for almost ten years in several countries (Germany, Portugal, France). After running a yoga center in Marseille with her partner, she is now part of the management team of the Kundalini Yoga and Ashram La Fontaine. One of her greatest passions is playing the Gong.

Festival Viva Bhakti fees: 3 jours = 108€ – Week-end = 90€1 Jour = 50€

Special fees for two festivals : – With your tent or camping car : Viva Bhakti (30/06-2/7) + accomodation for 3 nights + Festival Kundalini Yoga (5-9/07) = 334€ – In Glamping tent dormitory : Viva Bhakti (30/06-2/7) + accomodation for 3 nights + Festival Kundalini Yoga (5-9/07) = 358€ – In caravane : Viva Bhakti (30/06-2/7) + accomodation for 3 nights + Festival Kundalini Yoga (5-9/07) = 372€

Accomodation fees : – With your tent or camping car  : 12€ – In Glamping tent dormitory (6 non mixed gender beds) : 16€ – In caravane : 18€